Flight Status

The information displayed is designed to provide accurate departure and arrival information for Fly Corporate flights. All times are local for the port.

Flights En-route / Recently Arrived

Date From To Departed At Estimated Arrival Actual Arrival Other
Fri 24 March (AEST) Brisbane Thangool7:51 AM (AEST)8:52 AM (AEST) 8:52 AM (AEST)
Fri 24 March (AEST) Brisbane Narrabri7:53 AM (AEST)10:04 AM (AEDT) 10:04 AM (AEDT)
Fri 24 March (AEDT) Narrabri Moree10:31 AM (AEDT)10:42 AM (AEDT) 10:42 AM (AEDT)
Fri 24 March (AEST) Brisbane Orange8:01 AM (AEST)10:59 AM (AEDT) -
Fri 24 March (AEST) Thangool Brisbane9:37 AM (AEST)10:38 AM (AEST) -

Significant Network Delays

 Date Flight Number From To Scheduled Time Revised Time Status